CGIN resource adaptor entities

Note Refer to the CGIN documentation for more information about the CGIN resource adaptor.

Depending on whether the deployment includes SCC-GSM or SCC-CDMA, there are three CGIN resource adaptor entities that may be created within VoLTE:

  • cginra — for CAP dialogs

  • cgin-cdma-ra — for CDMA dialogs

  • cginmapra — unused by default.

CAP CGIN RA entity (cginra)

The cginra RA entity is used in re-origination for CAP dialogs.

CDMA CGIN RA entity (cgin-cdma-ra)

The cgin-cdma-ra RA entity is used in re-origination for CDMA dialogs.

Customising the CGIN RA entities used by Sentinel

It may be necessary to configure multiple RA entities to address specific operator network configuration requirements. Additional CGIN RA entities may be used in Sentinel for this purpose. Sentinel has the following link binding by default:

Link name Default Bound RA entity





A custom CGIN RA entity may be used by creating, configuring and binding the new RA entity.

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 2.8.0