What is the Sentinel SDK?

The Sentinel Software Development Kit (SDK) lets you create a custom Sentinel install package. For example:

sentinel sdk roles
  1. A developer from Acme Inc uses the Sentinel SDK installer to create a development environment they can use to create their own custom version of Sentinel. The development environment uses:

    • Apache Ant for building

    • Apache Ivy for dependency management. The development environment resolves OpenCloud dependencies (such as Sentinel core components and libraries, and OpenCloud resource adaptor components and libraries) from an OpenCloud Sentinel Ivy repository.

  2. Acme developers use the Sentinel SDK to create their own version of Sentinel.

  3. The development environment generates a Sentinel install package that includes all the changes created by Acme Inc developers.

Important Only registered users of the Sentinel SDK can resolve the required dependencies from the OpenCloud Ivy repository. Contact OpenCloud for the required credentials to access the OpenCloud Ivy repository.

What can you use it for?

You use the Sentinel SDK to:

  • create your own features (this includes the feature as well as any provisioning elements in the Sentinel Element Manager)

  • create your own mappers

  • add your own extensions to the call detail records (CDRs) that Sentinel writes

  • add new session state fields

  • extend the promotions scripting language

  • add new or modify existing OCS drivers.

Tip See the Sentinel SDK for more information about building a customised Sentinel using the Sentinel SDK.
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