What is Sentinel?

Sentinel is a services platform and a powerful services framework.

Sentinel is a services platform …​

Sentinel is a services platform for real-time session control of TDM, IMS, and Diameter sessions.

sentinel context


  • is very extensible, flexible, and configurable

  • supports session control for SS7, SIP, and Diameter sessions with a rich set of built-in features

  • integrates to one or more Online Charging Systems (OCS)

  • integrates to any CDF that supports the Rf Diameter Protocol via Rf Control RA.

  • supports promotions, which provide a very flexible and configurable interface to Online Charging Systems, supporting OCS offload, special offers, fair-use policy, and OCS failure policy

  • includes an element manager with a web-based user interface for operations and management staff, a RESTful HTTP interface for machine-to-machine management, and an XCAP server framework

  • includes the Sentinel database for subscriber and promotions-related data.

Contact OpenCloud for more information about the databases that can be used by Sentinel.

Note See Sentinel Services and Sentinel Charge for an architectural overview of the Sentinel platform from a Rhino TAS/JAIN SLEE perspective.

Sentinel is a powerful services framework …​

You can also view Sentinel as an open, flexible and powerful services framework. The Sentinel Software Development Kit (SDK) lets you use Sentinel as a framework rather than a fixed feature set product.

sentinel sdk action

For more information see Sentinel SDK

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