SLEE service that uses Sentinel Charge

The following sections present a SLEE-centric architectural overview of a SLEE service that uses Sentinel Charge. Sentinel Charge provides the Sentinel mediation layer for use by SLEE services (see the diagram below).

sentinel charge arch


The service consists of:

  • Custom front-end SBB, which:

    • receives events from the front-end network element

    • controls the session with the front-end network element.

  • Sentinel Charge SBB, which:

    • receives charging requests from the custom front-end SBB

    • hosts POJO features and mappers and has SLEE child relations to SBB features

    • encapsulates the Sentinel mediation layer, which:

      • provides charging methods such as SCUR and IEC

      • provides promotions.

    • runs feature execution scripts, features and mappers

  • One or more OCS Driver SBBs, which:

    • integrate Sentinel core (the front end) with a particular type of OCS

    • have a Diameter Ro interface to the mediation layer, and map Diameter Ro to and from the charging protocol used by the OCS

    • are shared by all services.

Important The resource adaptors and profiles used in Sentinel charge are the same as Sentinel services.

Sentinel Charge

What does it provide?

Sentinel Charge provides the Sentinel mediation layer for use of SLEE services

Front-end interfaces

As required by the custom front end


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