Features are software components you write (in Java), which Sentinel executes at feature execution points.

How do features work?


  • contain business logic; for example, the SS7 short-code feature will translates a short-code into a routable destination address

  • run at feature execution points in a session plan; for example, as the session starts, before Sentinel accesses the OCS, as the session ends, and so on

  • may influence how a session proceeds by making requests of Sentinel; for example to release the call or update parameters of the call

  • may perform business logic that does not effect the session; for example, playing an announcement, or generating a notification

  • may update session state.



Sentinel features may make use of:

Built-in and customisable

Sentinel comes with a rich set of built-in features that can be used by Operators, such as HomeZone, MOC, MTC, Balance Inquiry, and several more. You can also create new features, using the Sentinel Software Development Kit (SDK).


For details on the features bundled with Sentinel, see Features in the Sentinel Administration Guide.

To learn how to create your own features, see the Sentinel SDK.

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