Below is a summary of the Java 11 results.

Test procedure

  • All tests used TCP as the SIP transport.

  • Calls were evenly distributed between all available cluster nodes.

  • All calls had a duration of 60s.

  • Benchmarks were taken over a two-hour test run, with an additional 15 minutes for JIT compilation.


Cluster size Call Rate Event Rate SIP message Rate Results

One node


12,000 events/s

26,000 messages/s

Two nodes


24,000 events/s

52,000 messages/s

Three nodes


36,000 events/s

78,000 messages/s

Four nodes


48,000 events/s

104,000 messages/s

Types of graphs

The individual test results include four types of graphs:

Response times

Distribution of response-time changes during the course of the test run.

Response time distribution

Overall distribution of response times from the entire test run.

CPU utilization

Percentage of CPU used on Rhino servers, as measured by vmstat.


Heap usage.

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