Below is an overview of how we test Rhino performance with SIP, followed by links to the benchmarks.

About the SIP test scenario

To test the SIP performance of Rhino, we used a "Back-to-Back User Agent", or B2BUA, a common building block in SIP services. The test B2BUA is a simple routing B2BUA, that forwards SIP messages between two SIP dialogs, implemented as a SLEE service using the Metaswitch SIP resource adaptor.

Metaswitch chose the B2BUA service as a SIP benchmark because it is fundamental to many SIP applications. The B2BUA sits between the caller and the callee, maintaining SIP dialog state for each party, for the duration of the session. Many applications can be implemented by adding features on top of a generic B2BUA component (such as the test example) — so the performance of this B2BUA is a true indicator of how real-world B2BUA-based applications should perform.

Note The Rhino SDK distribution includes SIP examples of a B2BUA service and SIP RA.

Call flow

sip b2bua callflow
Measuring call setup time

The response time, or call-setup time, is the time taken between sending the initial INVITE (1) and receiving the 200 OK response (2), as measured by the UAC.

Configuration and results

For details, please see:

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