The REM Plugin SDK is a framework for developing custom plugins for REM. It provides a template for creating new plugins, templates for generating new management panels and monitoring extensions, and also some documented examples with provided code.

Note Developing REM plugins requires a working knowledge of Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

The REM Plugin SDK does not include the GWT SDK. You must download GWT 2.7.0 (direct link), extract it, then run script from the REM Plugin SDK package.


Creating a new REM plugin

create new REM plugins from the provided prototype

Adding management panels

generate management panels for a REM plugin from provided templates

Adding monitoring extensions

generate monitoring extensions for a REM plugin from provided templates

Running your plugin

run your plugin in GWT developer mode

Building and packaging

build and package your REM plugin for distribution

Installing your plugin

install your plugin into REM

Advanced development topics

advanced development topics for REM SDK

Other documentation for the Rhino Element Manager, including the changelog, links to downloads, and the API documentation can be found on the REM product page.

Tip The REM Plugin SDK is distributed as a separate package:
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