To add a management panel to a REM plugin:


Open a terminal, and cd into your REM plugin directory (for example, foo-em).


Run ./, optionally specifying the function, class prefix, and package (otherwise the SDK prompts you for them).

For example:

./ -f bar -c Bar -p bar

The SDK generates a new management panel from the template into your plugin’s src directory.


Configure Google Guice and Gin bindings:

  • Edit your Guice module (such as com/opencloud/rem/foo/server/

    • Add a binding from your new service interface to your new service implementation. For example:

  • Edit your Gin module (such as com/opencloud/rem/foo/client/

    • Add a binding from your new presenter interface to your new presenter implementation.

    • Add a binding from your new view interface to your new panel. For example:



Hook up your panel to the menus and deck:

  • Edit your main presenter (such as com/opencloud/rem/foo/client/

    • Add a constructor arg for your new presenter (the interface, not the implementation).

    • Add it to the main deck. For example:

public MainPresenterImpl(@ExtensionLogHandler Handler logHandler, ExtensionDeckView.Presenter deck, BarPresenter barPresenter) {
    this.deck = deck;
    deck.addPanel(barPresenter.getView().getName(), barPresenter);

  • Edit your extension info (such as com/opencloud/rem/foo/client/

    • Add a new entry in the MENU_EXTENSIONS array for your panel. The third argument should match the string returned from the getName() method of your new panel. For example:

public static final ExtensionMenuInfo[] MENU_EXTENSIONS = {
    new ExtensionMenuInfo("Foo", "Bar Configuration", "bar")


You can repeat this process using different values to create several management panels within your plugin.

You can then run your plugin to see what it looks like.

  • Google Guice is a dependency injection framework.

  • Google Gin is a layer on top of Guice that provides Guice binding and injection to client-side GWT code.

For details, please see the Google Guice Project.

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