In this part of the tutorial, you will:

  • Deploy the SIMPL VM.

  • Upload the CSAR to SIMPL VM and unpack it.

  • Create a Cassandra node to act as a Configuration Data Store (CDS).


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Deploy the SIMPL VM

To deploy the SIMPL VM, follow the instructions in the SIMPL VM Deployment Guide for your platform.

Upload and unpack the CSAR

You will now upload the CSAR that you built in the previous part.

As part of deploying the SIMPL VM, you should have created and provisioned a key for connecting to the SIMPL VM. You need to use this key to connect to the SIMPL VM.

Upload the image

To upload the image, ensure you are in the resources directory and run:

scp -i <path to SIMPL VM key> target/images/http-example-0.1.0-<platform> admin@<IP of SIMPL VM>:/home/admin

where <platform> can be openstack or vsphere.

Unpack the CSAR

Connect to the SIMPL VM over SSH:

ssh -i <path to SIMPL VM key> admin@<IP of SIMPL VM>

You next need to unpack the CSAR so it is ready for the SIMPL VM to deploy. Run:

csar unpack http-example-0.1.0-<platform>
Verify the CSAR has been unpacked

Verify the CSAR has been unpacked correctly:

[admin@simpl-vm ~]$ csar list
http-example/0.1.0 (vSphere)

Create a Cassandra node to act as CDS

The VMs require access to a Cassandra node that has been configured to act as a CDS.

If you do not yet have Cassandra deployed, follow the instructions in the Cassandra documentation at to install Cassandra. For a lab deployment, one Cassandra node suffices. For a production environment, a minimum of 3 nodes is required, while a minimum of 5 nodes is highly recommended.

Once Cassandra is installed, you will need to provision the appropriate keyspaces. Connect to one of the VMs running Cassandra, and run cqlsh. Then, one by one, copy the CQL statements from the Create keyspace and tables section and paste them into your CQL prompt.

Then verify Cassandra has been set up correctly. To do that, connect to your SIMPL VM and run the commands below. If CDS has been set up correctly, the output should match.

[admin@simpl-vm ~]$ cdcsars
[admin@simpl-vm csar]$ http-example/0.1.0/resources/rvtconfig maintenance-window-status --cds-addresses <IP of a Cassandra node> --deployment-id test-deployment --site-id DC1
No maintenance window is currently active.


You created a CDS node and a SIMPL VM, and unpacked your CSAR on the SIMPL VM.

Next step

In the next step, you will prepare configuration files and upload them to the SIMPL VM and to the CDS. Click here to progress to the next step.

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