This document is a tutorial for using VM Build Container (VMBC) to build virtual machine (VM) images for Rhino applications. In addition to the VM creation steps, this document covers the steps of deploying the VM images with the Rhino VM automation solution. It intends to help you learn to use VMBC and get familiar with the VM automation solution.

This document assumes that you have basic knowledge about the following products:

  • Rhino Telecom Application Server

  • ServiceIQ Management Platform (SIMPL)

  • Apache Cassandra

Based on your needs, you also need to be familiar with a VM hosting platform, such as OpenStack or VMware vSphere.

Getting started

Before starting the tutorial steps, read through the Introduction section to learn about VMBC and the tutorial, and then set up your development environment as per the Prerequisites and preparation section.

Once you are ready, start the tutorial with the Building the VM step.

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