After uploading the custom Rhino virtual appliance CSAR file to the SIMPL server and extracting it, you can find the configuration template files and relevant example files in the extraction directory. Based on these files and your virtual network design, create the configuration files for your VM nodes and Rhino applications.

For each virtual appliance, create the following configuration files:

  • A service definition file (SDF): A file that defines your virtual network configuration information. For example, it defines the number of VMs to create and the IP addresses for the interfaces on each VM.

  • The service configuration files: A set of files that define the configuration of the Rhino applications on each VM.

Assuming network engineers are responsible for creating the configuration files, the following diagram illustrates the configuration process:

Configuration file creation
Important Use Rhino declarative configuration to configure these files. For configuration instructions and configuration examples, see Custom VM Install Guide.

Once you finish the configuration, upload the configuration files to the SIMPL server, together with the Rhino TAS license file.

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