This document introduces Rhino Telephony Application Server (TAS) virtual machine (VM) automation, which is a solution that automates the deployment, configuration, and life cycle management of Rhino VM nodes on a virtualization platform. It explains relevant concepts, the architecture, and the requirements of the solution.

The intended audience of the document includes the following:

  • IT managers who make deployment and maintenance decisions about Rhino TAS and its applications.

  • Network engineers or architects who design and plan the Rhino VM virtual network.

  • Software developers who create virtual appliances for the deployment of Rhino VMs.

  • Administrators who implement Rhino VM automation and maintain Rhino VMs.

The document assumes that you are familiar with Rhino TAS. In addition, you need to have high-level knowledge about the following products, which the solution uses:

  • VM Build Container (VMBC)

  • ServiceIQ Management Platform (SIMPL)

  • Metaswitch Deployment Manager (MDM)

  • Apache Cassandra

  • OpenStack or VMware vSphere

For more information about these products, see Related information.

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