To select a SIS in REM (with the SIS REM module), from the REM dashboard:


From the menu bar at the top of the REM dashboard, select Management ▶ SIS.

A list of running SIS Instances displays.

SIS instances


Click to select a SIS instance.

Links display to manage the selected instance.

SIS instance


To select different instance to manage:

  • Click SIS Instance List.

    The list of SIS Instances redisplays (see above).

  • Click to select another instance.

    Links display to manage that instance (see above).


To reload the selected instance:

  • Click Reload.

    REM SIS Module reloads that instance.


Changes to SIS components, such as installing, uninstalling or activating components, do not take effect immediately. The SIS must explicitly reload its components to apply any changes.

If the SIS instance is ACTIVE, some changes to configuration properties won’t take effect until you deactivate and reactivate the SIS instance.

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