You can use the SIS REM module to verify and edit configuration settings.

What can you configure for all components?

All components in a SIS instance share these configuration settings:

  • Description

  • Default Service Timeout

  • Fine Grained Tracing

  • Audit Level

  • Concatenated FCI Interaction Mode Delimiter (IN)

  • Originating Macro (SIP)

For details, see Managing SIS Configuration in the SIS Administration Guide.

To manage SIS configuration:


From the SIS instance page, select SIS Configuration.

The SIS Configuration page displays.



To…​ Do this:

Audit SIS components

Click Verify Components.

SIS REM verifies dependencies for all components installed in the SIS, checking dependency links between them and repairing broken ones (if possible).

Tip For details, see SIS audit function in the SIS Administration Guide.

Edit configuration settings

  • Click Edit.
    Settings entry fields display.

  • Enter or select the details you want to change, and click Save.
    SIS REM module saves your changes.

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