Servlet applications deployed on Rhino SIP Servlet can use any SLEE Resource Adaptor (RA) deployed in the platform.

The SLEE uses RAs to talk to external resources. They may implement any protocol. For example, OpenCloud provides RAs for SIP, HTTP, SS7 (CAP/INAP), Diameter, and many others.

SIP Servlet applications running on Rhino SIP Servlet can use these RAs just like any other SLEE application, so servlets are not just limited to communicating using SIP.

How do applications access the RAs?

Servlet applications need to use a subset of the SLEE API to access SLEE RAs. The SLEE specification defines how SLEE applications declare which RAs they need, how events are received from RAs, and how to access an RA’s interface to interact with external resources.

Rhino SIP Servlet provides the sipservlet-slee API that bridges between the SIP Servlet and SLEE containers. This allows servlet applications to use RAs in the same way as SLEE applications, without leaving the SIP Servlet application environment.

The following sections describe how a servlet application can be enhanced to use SLEE RAs:

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