This document introduces features and concepts behind Rhino SIP Servlet, a SIP Servlet 1.1 JSR 289 container that runs on the OpenCloud Rhino SLEE.



An architectural overview of Rhino SIP Servlet

Developing a SIP Servlet Application

How to develop applications with Rhino SIP Servlet

SIP Servlet 1.1 Resource Adaptor Type

What’s in the Rhino SIP Servlet resource adaptor type

Hybrid Applications

How to write hybrid applications

Application Naming

How Rhino SIP Servlet manages application naming

Application Router

Rhino SIP Servlet’s application router support

SLEE Resource Adaptor Support

How to use SLEE resource adaptors in SIP Servlet applications

Example Applications

SIP Servlet example applications.

Other documentation for the Rhino SIP Servlet including the changelog and links to downloads, can be found on the Rhino SIP Servlet product page.

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