A servlet application using SLEE RAs has the following compile-time dependencies, which may be found under lib/ in the Rhino SIP Servlet distribution.

  • slee-1.1.jar and jta-1.0.1B.jar — the JAIN SLEE 1.1 API jars

  • sipservlet-slee-<version>.jar — interfaces to bridge between SLEE and SIP Servlet

  • slee-annotations-<version>.jar — annotations for declaring which SLEE RA types and events are required by an application.

Note The actual version numbers may vary in different releases, so they are not shown above.

The Ant build file common.xml defines the path reference sipservlet.api.classpath, which contains the SIP Servlet 1.1 API and the jars above. If using Ant, your own project can be compiled simply by importing common.xml and using the path reference:

<import file="/path/to/rhino-sip-servlet/common.xml"/>
<javac destdir="${classes}" srcdir="${src}" includes="**/*.java">
<path refid="sipservlet.api.classpath"/>

Alternatively, make these jars available as appropriate for your own build environment. At runtime these dependencies are provided by the Rhino SIP Servlet platform, so do not need to be packaged with the servlet application.

You will also need to provide the resource adaptor type jars and any other jars required by the particular RA types your application needs. These will usually be found in the distribution package for each RA. The RA types and RAs will be deployed separately in the SLEE, and do not need to be bundled with the servlet application.

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