The SIP services can write tracing information to the Rhino SLEE logging system using the SLEE trace facility.

This is useful for understanding what the various services are doing.

Enabling tracing for a particular SBB

To enable tracing output for a particular SBB, use the setTracerLevel command in rhino-console, as follows:

user@host:~/rhino$ client/bin/rhino-console
Connecting as user admin
Interactive Rhino Management Shell
Rhino management console, enter 'help' for a list of commands
[Rhino@localhost (#0)] settracerlevel sbb service=ServiceID[name=SIP\ Proxy\ Service,
    vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.8] root finest
Set trace level of SbbNotification[service=ServiceID[name=SIP Proxy Service,
    vendor=OpenCloud,version=1.8]] root tracer to finest
[Rhino@localhost (#1)]

Enabling tracing for all SBBs

You can also enable tracing for all SBBs, and also the SIP RA, by modifying these settings in

# Default SBB/RA trace levels
# Possible values: Off, Severe, Warning, Config, Info, Fine, Finer, Finest.
Tip To apply the new trace levels, redeploy the services or ra.
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