The default configuration of the SIP resource adaptor (RA) should be suitable for most environments. However, you can easily reconfigure it to suit a particular requirement, such as using a different IP address or port number.

Each resource adaptor defines a default set of configuration properties that determine its behaviour. When an administrator creates a resource adaptor entity (an "instance" of the RA), they can specify configuration property values other than the defaults.

Below are instructions for editing SIP RA configuration properties and a full listing of the default SIP RA configuration properties.

Editing SIP RA configuration properties

The Ant build script build.xml creates the SIP resource adaptor entity with the following properties (defined in the file):,Transports="udp,tcp",Port=5060,SecurePort=5061

To change these properties and specify others, edit the property. For example, to enable the SIP RA’s replicated-dialog support, you would add that property as follows (and then deploy the SIP RA):,Transports="udp,tcp",Port=5060,SecurePort=5061,ReplicatedDialogSupport=true

The Ant build.xml script will pass these properties to the createRAEntity management command.

SIP RA configuration properties

A full listing of available SIP RA configuration properties can be found in the Configuration section of the SIP Resource Adaptor Guide.

Tip See Resource Adaptor Entities in the Rhino Administration and Deployment Guide for more information on creating and managing resource adaptor entities.
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