Below are instructions for preconfiguring the Proxy service (required before installing it), and then installing and uninstalling the Registrar, Proxy, and Presence services.

Preconfigure the Proxy service

Before you install the Proxy service, you must change one configuration item to suit your environment. Edit the file, to change the PROXY_DOMAINS property as follows:

# Proxy SBB configuration
# Add domains that the proxy is authoritative for,
Warning The default domains and are just examples — change this property to use the correct domains for your environment.

The PROXY_DOMAINS property contains the domains that the proxy SBB considers to be local. Depending on what domain the user to whom a request is addressed is in, the proxy SBB will do the following:

User’s domain What the proxy service does

One of the local domains (such as in our example).

Uses the location service to find the registered contact address of that user.

Local domain, but not registered in the location service.

Returns an error response.

Unknown domain.

Forwards the request according to normal SIP routing rules.

Install services

To install the SIP Registrar, Proxy or Presence service, first ensure the SLEE is running. Then go to the SIP examples directory and execute the Ant targets deployregistrar, deployproxy, or deploypresence. For example:

$ ant deployregistrar

These scripts:

  • compile the service source code

  • assemble jar files

  • deploy the service and its dependencies into the SLEE

  • activate the service.

Uninstall services

To deactivate and remove the services, use the Ant target undeployregistrar, undeployproxy, or undeploypresence. For example:

$ ant undeployregistrar
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