The OC-Retarget header is a custom SIP header used by Sentinel VoLTE MMTel-AS to communicate that a retarget has occurred. This header is inserted into the INVITEs that go towards the retargeted party. This is then used in the composition to decide whether to invoke the SCC-AS.

Note The header is for internal use only and is removed by the composition before the INVITE is sent to the network.

Header Format

The header name is OC-Retarget and its value is a simple string with no special formatting. The header does not have any special parameters. Possible values are described below.


OC-Retarget: cdiv

Header Values

Sentinel VoLTE uses the following values for the OC-Retarget header:

Value MMTel-Service-Type Feature(s) Performing Retarget






Flexible Alerting Features

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Sentinel VoLTE Version 3.0.0