Configure the MCC and MNC in SipSentinelConfiguration

There are two required configuration values in SIP Sentinel Configuration which must be configured by hand after installation.

The MCC and MNCs fields are used by Generate MT Correlation Id when a real IMSI could not be retrieved from the HLR.

These can be set through either REM or the rhino-console.

Create init.d scripts

There are two init.d scripts for Ubuntu Linux which make starting and stopping Rhino and REM easier (linked below):

  • rhino — for Rhino

  • rem — for REM running on Apache Tomcat

Note: These are illustrative and useful for Proof of concept rather than production environments.

To set these up:


Copy the script to the host server’s /etc/init.d/ folder:

sudo cp rhino /etc/init.d


Make the script executable:

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/rhino


Refresh, with the update-rc.d command:

sudo update-rc.d rhino defaults 99

Restart Rhino

Finally, restart Rhino by executing the following commands in a terminal, from the Rhino install directory.

./ --nice
Tip If you chose to set up the Rhino init.d script, you can use these commands to stop and start it.
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Sentinel IP-SM-GW Version 2.7.0