This feature modifies the MSC address in Send Routing Info For SM responses to be the configured address of the IPSMGW. This ensures that subsequent MAP MT Forward Short Message requests are sent to the IPSMGW.

Feature cheat sheet

Feature Name Network Operator Data Used in PlanId(s) Stateful or Stateless POJO Feature or SBB Feature







The feature is configured using the IPSMGW Service configuration. The Profile Table used to hold feature configuration is Shared Configuration Profile. The following attributes are relevant

Attributes Type Meaning


The value that the feature will use as the MSC-address in outgoing messages.


The feature is triggered upon receipt of a third-party response message. The message is unmodified if it is not a successful Send Routing Info For SM response. The feature handles the following application contexts: shortMsgGatewayContext_v1_ac, shortMsgGatewayContext_v2_ac, shortMsgGatewayContext_v3_ac

When processing a v1 MAPSendRoutingInfoForSMRes, the feature will set the MSC address in the outgoing message to the value of the SentinelIPSMGWAddress configured in the IPSMGW service config profile. When processing a v2/v3 MAPRoutingInfoForSM_Res, the feature will set outgoing message’s 'GPRS Supported' indicator to false and set the NetworkNodeNumber and AdditionalNumber to the value of the SentinelIPSMGWAddress.

This ensures that the MAP MT Forward Short Message is then delivered to the IPSMGW.

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Sentinel IP-SM-GW Version 2.7.0