These features relate to the SMS Delivery path from the network to the UE.

The SMS delivery path for the IP-SM-GW includes two initiation points:

  1. receipt of Send Routing Info for SM

  2. receipt of MT Forward Short Message

For information related to the delivery policies implemented, please refer to About SMS delivery in the Administration guide.

Feature What it does

modifies the MSC address in Send Routing Info For SM responses to be the configured address of the IPSMGW. This ensures that subsequent MAP MT Forward Short Message requests are sent to the IPSMGW.

stores SMS Routing information retrieved from an HLR in Cassandra. The stored data includes additional correlation information.

retrieves Circuit Switched routing information from the Cassandra Database and stores it into session state.

reads Third Party Registration information stored in the Cassandra Database, and writes it into session state.

delivers an SMS encapsulated in SIP (SMS Over IP) to the UE

delivers a Short Message towards the MSC or SGSN, performing TCAP application context negotiation as necessary

generates a correlation IMSI when responding to a SRI request. It uses the Correlation Resource Adaptor to allocate an IMSI based on the MCC and MNC.

increments (or creates) a row in the Cassandra cluster for the current MSISDN, to be used as the RP Message Reference, writing the value into session state.

links incoming SIP delivery reports with the sentinel session that the delivery report is responding to.

Preserve Call Id Over B2BUA

The SIP B2BUA feature can be configured to preserve the Call-ID header across both legs of a B2BUA’d session. Certain MT flows require the correlation of an incoming request with an existing IP-SM-GW session. This is achieved using the In-Reply-To header of the incoming request. Depending on network configuration this may require the preservation of the Call-ID header when B2BUA’ing the MESSAGE request onwards. By default and in typical deployments, this behavior is not configured. It should only be configured if required. For more information on this configuration option read the B2BUA Feature Configuration documentation.

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Sentinel IP-SM-GW Version 2.7.0