Sentinel has been enhanced to make Sentinel SIP more flexible:

  • The Rhino platform now provides hot deployment and late binding of components into a SLEE service. This means Sentinel features, mappers, and so on can be replaced without re-deploying Sentinel services.

  • The event-processing model of Sentinel SIP now has local events (such as Leg End and Instruction Execution Failure events) and new feature script execution points.

  • Much of the core SIP processing behaviour is now implemented using features, so core SIP signalling behaviour can be easily customised.

  • Features can now:

    • interact with external resources using feature extension events

    • set their own timers

    • support multi-leg scenarios with the improved Leg Manager

    • support more flexible-charging scenarios with the new Charging Manager.

Note Many of these features are currently only available in Sentinel SIP, but will eventually be added to the other Sentinel services. Some enhancements (such using new Rhino features) are already available in other Sentinel services.


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