This feature is used to determine if session tracing should be performed on this session or not, based on the subscriberId session state field.


Feature name


Applicable contexts

All services

SAS Support


Prerequisite Features


Two functions will be supported initially:

  • Prefix and exact match of the subscriber number based on Black/White lists

  • Percentage of Calls (not subscriber specific).

The subscriber number is determined by the SS7 Subscriber Determination Feature, Diameter Subscriber Determination Feature, or SIP Subscriber Determination Feature.

The address used for session tracing activation for each call type is the subscriber address associated with the call.

Session state inputs and outputs


Name Type Format Description Behaviour if null/invalid



selection key (for example, <platform>::::)

For selecting configuration data

Report featureCannotStart, featureHasFinished



SIP, Diameter, or SS7 Subscriber number format — see the respective Subscriber Determination features

The subscriber address for this session

Report featureCannotStart, featureHasFinished


This feature does not write to SessionState.

Error scenarios

Scenario Handling

Missing entry in SessionTracingFeatureConfigProfileTable

Report featureCannotStart

Sessionstate Subscriber is null

Report featureCannotStart

Missing SessionTracingAddressPrefixList, addressListId, or addressList

Do not enable tracing

Feature responses

Response Reason


Configuration data is not found or subscriber address is not set in session state


feature has finished


General feature configuration

Parameter Type Description



Calls per 10,000 traced: 0(0%), 1(0.01%), 10(0.1%), 100(1%), 1000(10%)



true/false. True selects list screening; false selects random tracing of sessions.

For the percentage of calls, a configuration profile will be maintained with the percentage of calls to be matched.

Percentage setting:

  • 0 — no calls are enabled

  • 1 — 1 in 10000 (or 0.01%) of calls are enabled

  • 10 — 10 in 10000 (or 0.1%) of calls enabled

  • 100 — 100 in 10000 (or 1%) of calls enabled

  • 1000 — 1000 in 10000 (or 10%) of calls enabled

  • No other configuration values valid

Note Any value above 10% of calls is out of the scope of this capability. 100% is already provided by the standard tracers.

Address list configuration

If list screening is activated, the Session Tracing Activation Feature uses a list of subscriberIds that, if matched to a session, will switch on tracing for the session. See Address lists for information on how to configure the address list data.

Tracing output

Tracing output will be sent to the parallel session branch of the trace key tree (that is, session.sentinel rather than sentinel). The level of the session tracing is determined by the trace levels of each key in that tree.

The session tracing prefix will be set to the value of subscriberId.

Configuration profile naming

Configuration Profile Table Name Description Profile Naming


Session tracing configuration parameters

SentinelSelectionKey (for example, OpenCloud::::)


Address list configuration



Feature specific Address List entry table


Provisioning interfaces

The feature is provisioned using the Sentinel Features REST API or web interface.

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Sentinel Express Version 3.0.0