The Schema Browser lets you review protocol schemas currently loaded in the Scenario Editor.


To open the Schema Browser, select Schema Browser from the Tools menu.

The Schema Browser displays.



The Schema Browser has three columns:

  • Schemas — loaded schema protocols

  • Application Contexts — application contexts from the selected protocol

  • Messages — operations and responses from the selected protocol.

When you first open the Schema Browser, only the first column is populated (until you select a schema).


Click to select a schema.

The Application Contexts and Messages for that schema display.



To view messages for one or more application contexts, click to select the application contexts.

The Schema Browser highlights all messages that can be sent on those application contexts.


Shift-click and Ctrl-click to select multiple entries

You can select additional application contexts or operation/responses (see below) by holding Ctrl and clicking (to add individual entries) or Shift and clicking (to add a range of entries).


To view application contexts for one or more operations, click to select the operations.

The Schema Browser highlights all application context that can be used for those operations.

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