The Scenario Editor supports copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) at both the callflow and message-editing levels.

Tip You can also copy and paste using the right-click context menu in the Message Editor.

Below are instructions for copying and pasting callflows, messages, message field data, and message field location.


While editing a scenario callflow, you can copy and paste elements such as roles, dialogs, and messages. What gets pasted depends on what’s selected:

With this selected…​ This gets pasted.. Notes

a single dialog

messages only, into that dialog.

Tip This is useful to quickly copy a large number of messages from one dialog to another.
Warning It is possible to paste messages into a dialog with a different protocol --- which can result in an invalid scenario.

no dialog selected

all copied scenario elements, into the currently selected scenario.

Note If there is a naming conflict between the copied data and existing data (for example, if you try to paste "RoleA" into a scenario which already has a "RoleA"), the Scenario Editor renames the copied data before pasting.
Tip If you copy a message or dialog without selecting associated roles, the Scenario Editor automatically includes them in the copy (to keep the copied data consistent).


While editing a message, you can copy and paste individual tree nodes --- and their children. For example, selecting a CallingPartyNumber and pressing Ctrl+C copies the entire CallingPartyNumber to the clipboard. You can then paste this data into another message (or the same message elsewhere), by selecting a destination CallingPartyNumber and pressing Ctrl+V.

Warning Pasting overrides the target data. In the example above, if the target had any CallingPartyNumber data, the Scenario Editor would replace it with the data from the clipboard.
Warning Paste operations can result in illegal message structure. It is possible to paste the CallingPartyNumber in a place where it is inappropriate (such as pasting an ETSI INAP LocationNumber into a CallingPartyNumber. This can create illegal field elements that prevent the scenario from validating.

To fix situations like this, either undo the change (Ctrl-Z) or manually delete any illegal field elements.

Tip You can also copy a field element using the right-click context menu: copy-element

Message field data

To copy the field data (contents) instead of the field itself, right-click a field node and select Copy Field Data:


Copying message field location

To copy a description of the location of a field into the clipboard, right-click a field node and select Copy element location:


The example above copies this to the clipboard:

[InitialDPRequest -> [1] argument -> [2] callingPartyNumber -> [0] structured -> [4] screening{noformat[
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