To let SAS distinguish the events reported from different modules that use separate mini-bundles, Rhino TAS allows you to use a bundle mapping file to define a unique prefix for the events in each mini-bundle. In the resource bundle file exported for SAS, Rhino TAS adds the prefixes to the IDs of the events from relevant mini-bundle files.

A bundle mapping file is a yaml file, with all bundle mappings defined at the top level. The prefixes are 16 bits, that is, from 0 to 65535 (0xFFFF), and must be unique. You can define the prefixes in the integer or hexadecimal format. By convention, the hexadecimal format is used. For the packages, use fully qualified bundle names, such as

For example, the following lines define the mappings for and 0x0001 0x0002

After creating the bundle mapping file, use the setsasbundlemapping Ant task to instruct Rhino to use the file.

As to the mappings in the bundle mapping file, you can add or remove them either by manually editing the file, or by using the Rhino management console commands. For example, you can use the setsasbundlemapping command to add a mapping or use the removesasbundlemapping command to remove a mapping.

To ensure consistency between deployments and upgrades, you generally need to create the bundle mapping file and assign bundle mappings manually. If you want Rhino TAS to automatically assign prefixes to unmapped bundles, set the assignbundlemappings attribute in the install Ant task to true when you install the relevant deployable unit.

Note If no prefix is assigned for a mini-bundle, Rhino TAS doesn’t send the events in it. To check for any mini-bundles with missing prefix mappings, use the listunmappedsasbundles Rhino management console command.
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