You can associate SAS trails that form part of the same call with the associate(Trail) method. If the Rhino SAS facility is configured with multiple SAS servers, different trails may not use the same server.

Associating trails that use the same SAS server is more efficient, as you only need to send a trail association message to the one server informing it that the trails form part of the same trail group. If the trails being associated use different servers, a generic association marker gets sent to each SAS server with the UUID of the one trail. In that case, SAS needs to perform additional operations to associate the trails.

To colocate related trails on the same SAS server, use the startColocatedTrail(Trail) method or the startAndAssociateTrail(Trail, Scope) method. These methods create a new SAS trail using the same server as the given trail and, in the second case, automatically send a trail association message to the server.

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