This section lists the documents related to Rhino SAS API development. It also provides information about major Rhino products that already have SAS tracing implemented.

Rhino SAS API documentation

The following table lists Rhino SAS API related documents:

Document Content related to SAS API

Rhino SAS API Development Guide (this document)

Rhino SAS API introduction and instructions on developing SAS tracing functionalities with the API.

Rhino Extensions API

Reference information about the interfaces, classes, and enums included in the package.

Rhino Extended APIs

Introduction of the SAS facility, the Rhino interface for integrating applications with SAS.

Rhino Administration and Deployment Guide

Rhino management console commands for managing the SAS facility and resource bundles.

In addition to these documents, you may need to use other Rhino TAS documents or SAS documents during your application development.

Note The SAS documents on the Metaswitch manuals site require logging in. For more information, contact your Metaswitch representative.

Rhino applications with SAS tracing support

This section provides information about SAS tracing support in Rhino products.

The following products already have SAS tracing implemented:

  • Sentinel VoLTE service

  • Sentinel Express service

  • Sentinel IP-SM-GW service

  • IM-SSF service (call flow only)

  • Sh Cache Microservice

  • HTTP resource adaptor

  • Diameter resource adaptor

  • SIS EasySIP resource adaptor

  • REST API framework

  • To find out whether a feature in a service supports SAS tracing, check relevant product documentation.

  • Rhino services and resource adaptors that aren’t listed may also have SAS tracing implemented. Along with new product versions, the SAS tracing support in Rhino products may change.

For these products or product features, you don’t need to implement SAS tracing.

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