REM Single Sign-on Authenticator

What is the SSO Authenticator?

Single sign-on (SSO) infrastructure stores a username and password, and uses a simple HTTP request to login.

REM’s SSO authenticator allows authentication using a simple HTTP POST instead of the login dialog box in the Element Manager user interface.

The REM SSO authenticator uses the following fields:

  • URL — http:// host : port /rem/rem/sso_authenticator

  • Username form field — username

  • Password form field — password

  • Instance ID form field (optional) — instance

Opening the URL in a browser displays a simple form that can be submitted for sign on (though typically the SSO infrastructure takes care of the submission). The authenticator authenticates the submitted username and password against the Element Manager user database. If successful, it returns an HTTP redirect (containing a URL) to the main UI page. A browser can then be launched with that URL. The URL is valid for 60 seconds and can be used only once.

If an instance ID is supplied, the Element Manager automatically connects to the instance, provided:

  • the instance has a stored Rhino username and password

  • the user has admin rights to that instance.

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