Operational state

SS7 SGC Stack operational state information is exposed cluster wide. That is, the same operational state information is exposed on each cluster node, independent of the particular source of information (particular node). It is enough to connect to a single cluster node to observe the operational state of all other nodes in the cluster.

The same operational state is exposed through:

  • commands exposed by the Command-Line Management Console that is distributed with the SGC SS7 Stack

  • the SNMP protocol when an SNMP agent is configured to run within a particular SGC node.

Notification propagation

An important distinction related to SS7 SGC Stack notification support is that notifications (both through JMX and SNMP) are sent only through the node that actually observes a related event (for example when a connection goes down).

Operational state is exposed through Alarms, Notifications, and Statistics. Operating details of the SS7 SGC stack can be observed using the Logging subsystem.

Static SGC instance configuration

Each instance (node) of the SS7 SGC Stack exposes information that can be used to check the current instance configuration properties. Current instance configuration properties are queried using display-local command of Command-Line Management Console.

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