The CGIN (Computer Generated Intelligent Network) Connectivity Pack integrates the Rhino platform with SS7 networks and supports functional and load testing of SS7-based applications.

CGIN supports both industry standard and vendor-variant SS7 protocols. CGIN also includes tools to support functional and load testing of SS7-based applications.


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CGIN solves a number of challenges:

  • We need to support vendor variants of standard protocols.

  • We need to rapidly address integration issues with new equipment, because not all implementations of the standards are truly equal.

  • We need to support partners who wished to choose the SS7 stack or indeed had their own SS7 stack.


We use compiler-design and code-generation techniques to take protocol descriptions in ASN.1, and auto-generate not only the TCAP library, but the entire set of resource adaptor and associated metadata that a suite of tools needs for functional and load testing.

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