The Unified Resource Adaptor supports multiple SS7 protocols with a pluggable architecture.

It includes a number of TCAP based protocol libraries (INAP, CAP and MAP in the diagram below) that run on top of a TCAP stack.

cgin unified ra

The Unified RA:

  • can load multiple ASN.1 based protocols inside it

  • can be configured to load a subset of the defined protocols (for example, only MAP)

  • supports ETSI INAP CS1, CAP v1, v2, v3, v4, and MAP:

    • ETSI INAP CS1 (ETS 300 374-1: September 1994)

    • CAP v.1 (ETSI TS 101 046 / GSM 09.78 V5.7.0 Release 1996)

    • CAP v.2 (ETSI TS 101 046 / GSM 09.78 V7.1.0 Release 1998)

    • CAP v.3 (3GPP TS 29.078 V4.8.0 Release 4)

    • CAP v.4 (3GPP TS 29.078 v9.1.1 Release 9)

    • Mobile Application Part (MAP) (3GPP TS 29.002 v10.0.0 Release 10)

  • integrates with an SS7 stack at the TCAP layer (ANSI and ITU TCAP are supported)

  • connects at the TCAP layer to either a real TCAP stack or a simulated TCAP stack.

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