This page details the steps that need to be taken to set up the development environment to run the VM Build Container.

Distribution package

The VM Build Container is distributed as single archive file containing two files:


the executable script that you run to invoke the tool


the Docker image file that contains the actual VM Build Container

To prepare to use the tool, you first need to extract the individual files from the archive.

Extracting the tar archive

To set up a development environment to run the VM Build Container, cd into the directory containing the vmbc.tar.gz tar archive and extract it by running tar -xvzf vmbc.tar.gz.

After extracting the archive, you can safely delete the archive by running rm vmbc.tar.gz.

The directory should now contain the two files mentioned above.

You can verify that the environment has been set up correctly by running ls. The two files should be shown as per the example below.

$ ls
$ tar -xvzf vmbc.tar.gz
$ rm vmbc.tar.gz
$ ls
vmbc  vmbc-image
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