This page describes the requirements for your application before you can use the VM Build Container to build VMs from your app.


Your application must run on a production Rhino installation. Version 3.2 of Rhino comes prepackaged with VMBC; you can optionally use a later Rhino version if you have a suitable production installer (rhino-install.tar) for it. See Running the VM Build Container for more information on using a different Rhino version.


You must have a current license for Rhino and all Metaswitch components used in your application. Ensure the license is for the appropriate version(s) of those components. You need to provide this license when building the VM, and have the option to specify whether to leave the license present on the produced VMs, or to remove it and hence require the VM users to provide one during configuration. No special Rhino license is required to use the VM Build Container itself.

Software dependencies

The VMs come with some preinstalled software by default - see Included software and utilities for more details. If your application requires additional software, use the build hooks and/or initconf hooks to install it.

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