To audit the SIS configuration, use the following sis-console command or related MBean operation.


The SIS audit function verifies, for the current configuration, that the following referenced components exist:

  • macros referenced by other macros

  • macros, services, and compositions referenced by triggers

  • macros and services referenced by compositions

  • services referenced by extension references

  • services and external platform definitions referenced by service references

  • compositions referenced by address and service key subscriptions.

If the audit finds any of these missing, the SIS logs a warning message and raises an alarm

Console command



audit <ra-entity>
    Audit the SIS configuration, checking for missing components.
Note This command asks the SIS to audit configuration data.


To audit the configuration for the SIS instance named sis:

$ ./sis-console audit sis
Audit completed successfully

MBean operation




public void audit()
    throws AuditFailedException, ManagementException;
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SIS Version 3.0.0