To quickly get up and running with the SIP Resource Adaptor and example services:


Start Rhino:



Edit the domain name property in For correct operation of the SIP proxy, this property needs to be modified:,


PROXY_DOMAINS is the list of domains for which the proxy will be "authoritative". This means for any requests received for URIs in these domains, including subdomains, the proxy will attempt to map the URI to a local, registered contact address using the location service SBB.

If no user has registered at that address, the proxy will respond with a 4xx error code.

If the request is for a domain that the proxy does not know about, it will attempt to forward the request using standard SIP routing rules.

The properties in are substituted into SBB deployment descriptors when the example applications are built.


Deploy the examples: using Ant, execute the deployexamples target. This will deploy the SIP Resource Adaptor and the SIP Location Service, Registrar, and Proxy services.

$ ant deployexamples


Use a SIP user agent such as Linphone to send SIP requests to the server.

Tip See the SIP Sample Applications guide for more details on using Linphone and the example services.
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