Applications written for earlier OCSIP resource adaptor types (1.4 and earlier) will need some minor changes to use the new JAIN SIP or OCSIP resource adaptor types, in particular for the SBB resource adaptor interface and event type identifiers.

SBB resource adaptor interface

In the previous resource adaptor type, the SBB RA interface was OCSipResourceAdaptorSbbInterface. This interface has been replaced by SleeSipProvider in the standard JAIN SIP 1.2 resource adaptor types.

This extends axref:jain-sip-api/javax.sip.SipProvider, and provides methods for accessing the JAIN SIP factory objects.

To access OpenCloud-specific features and headers, the OCSIP resource adaptor types can be used. This provides the OCSleeSipProvider interface, which extends SleeSipProvider.

Applications written using the previous resource adaptor type must replace all references to OCSipResourceAdaptorSbbInterface with SleeSipProvider or OCSleeSipProvider.

Event type identifiers

All event type IDs have been changed in the new resource adaptor type. All events in the JAIN SIP resource adaptor types have the vendor (denoting the JAIN SLEE community) and version 1.2.

Consult the table in the JAIN SIP 1.2 RA Type API to see the complete list of events.

Users of OpenCloud-specific events should also check the event table in the OCSIP 3.1 RA Type API.

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