Note This document explains the Sentinel VoLTE SDK — what it does and how to use it

What is the Sentinel VoLTE SDK?

The Sentinel VoLTE SDK:

  • enables a developer to create and modify features, mappers, and OCS Drivers, using Sentinel as a set of APIs and framework

  • provides a build environment and set of tools to facilitate development, deployment, configuration, and testing.

Intended audience

This document is intended for software developers.

Getting the SDK

You can download the most recent SDK version from here as a single zip file.

Once you extract this zip, you’ll have an uninitialized Sentinel VoLTE SDK environment.

What’s in the SDK?

The SDK includes:

OpenCloud tools
(in the build/ directory)

  • sdkadm

  • deployer

  • binder

  • configurer

Third-party software

  • Apache Ant 1.9.4

  • Apache Ivy 2.3.0
    (used for downloading OpenCloud-provided artifacts)

Workings of the SDK

The SDK consists of:

  • source code, for features, mappers, OCS drivers, profiles, libraries, services, and so-on; written in Java

  • modules, which contain the source code, in a standard directory structure; built and published into a local filesystem-based Ivy repository inside the SDK

  • OpenCloud-supplied tools, which read published modules from one or more Ivy repositories and then read/write state in the Rhino SLEE.

The various tools in the SDK operate on modules which have been built and published.

Note For further information about repositories, see Using Ivy with the Sentinel VoLTE SDK
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