Sentinel VoLTE includes Sentinel’s SIP Service, which sits on top of OpenCloud’s Rhino SIS product, and the CDMA Reorigination service.

scc cdma and sip

Supported Call Flows

IMS Service Centralisation

The Sentinel VoLTE product comes with a CDMA Reorigination Service and accompanying reorigination features which together support IMS Service Centralisation within CDMA networks, which store reorigination data in the Correlation RA. These components allow for both originating and terminating reorigination (retermination). A high-level overview of IMS Service Centralisation can be found in the IMS Centralised Services (ICS) support section, while call flows and more detailed information can also be found in the Sentinel VoLTE Administration Guide.

Terminating Access Domain Selection (T-ADS)

For sessions that terminate in the IMS domain, the SCC-AS is responsible for deciding whether to route the session to the CS (in this case CDMA) network or the PS network. Sentinel VoLTE includes a feature for querying the HLR for the TLDN to use for CS routing. A high-level overview of T-ADS can be found in the Terminating Access Domain Selection (T-ADS) section.

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