This section explains how to configure tracing in the BSF Server.

Configuring BSF Server tracing

The BSF Server is a SLEE service which uses the standard SLEE tracing features. When setting tracer levels in rhino-console, you must specify the service and SBB IDs that you want to trace. The BSF’s service ID is:


Its SBB IDs are:


Fortunately you do not need to enter the entire service or SBB IDs when setting tracer levels. The settracerlevel command in rhino-console supports tab-completion and can match simple patterns. For example, to enable "Finest" tracing for all SBBs in the BSF service in rhino-console, you could use:

settracerlevel sbb service=ServiceID[name=sentinel-gaa-bsf,*],sbb=* root Finest
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