• Add support for SNMP OID rationalisation to Sentinel Products

  • Across-the-board update to all of its third-party library dependencies

  • Replaced Artifactory with an complete offline SDK¬†


Update to Java 11


Use Extended Tracer in features

Updated Sentinel to use of Extended Tracer Interface (instead of Tracer) in features (VOLTE-8308).


Improved support for multiple home PLMN IDs

Add support for multiple home PLMN IDs spanning multiple MCCs, using the PLMN ID Analyser (VOLTE-7379). The configuration of home MCCs and MNCs has been removed from SipSentinelConfiguration, see the PLMN ID Analyser documentation for more details.


Support for Ro and Rf Failover

Add support for Ro and Rf failover to Sentinel SIP (PRD-1070). This includes:

  • Arming of various charging timers in redundant mode, if the session is replicated. This includes updates to the B2BUA SCUR features.

  • Arming of Session Refresh timers in redundant mode, if the session is replicated.

  • A new SIP Leg Manager API for proxying of requests inside the cluster

  • Updates to the ExternalSessionTracking feature so that it is capable of tracking Ro Dialogs in addition to SIP dialogs, as part of Ro session replication support.

  • Updates to the ExternalSessionTracking feature so that tracked dialogs are linked to the Sentinel Session’s Convergence Name.

  • Updates to the Interim CDR feature to allow Diameter Rf Accounting Requests to continue on the same Rf session after a failover.


Removed APIs, Classes, Features, and Configuration

The following session state fields have been deprecated in Sentinel SIP:

  • EarlyMediaAnnouncementQueue in SipPlayAnnouncementFeature.

    • Use EarlyMediaAnnouncementInfoQueue instead to play early media announcements.

    • Use EarlyMediaAnnouncementInProgress to check whether an early media announcement is in progress.

  • MidCallAnnouncementID, MidCallAnnouncementQueue, PAShouldEndSessionWhenFinished, and MidCallAnnouncementPlayedParty in MidCallPlayAnnouncementFeature.

    • Use MidCallAnnouncementInfoQueue and MidCallEndSessionWithAnnouncement to play mid-call announcements.

    • Use MidCallAnnouncementInProgress to check whether a mid-call announcement is in progress.

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