The SIS administration interface is extended with a set of commands during the R-IM-SSF installation process.

If you use the sis-console help command to list the help categories, you will see three new categories:

[Rhino@localhost (#0)] help
Available command categories:

auditing              Manage Rhino's auditing subsystem
rimssf                R-IM-SSF management operations
rimssf-nic            R-IM-SSF network initiated call management operations
rimssf-svc            R-IM-SSF service mapping management operations
rimssf-ui             R-IM-SSF user interaction management operations
Enter help <category name | command name substring> for a list of available commands

The first is related to general configuration properties,
the second is related to calls initiated by the SIP network,
the third is related to external SIP application servers,
and the fourth is related to user-interaction configuration.

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