The Rhino SDK can be run on any POSIX system that has bash (Bourne Again Shell) and Java 11 JDK installed. On Windows this support is provided by the Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2 (WSL). WSL can be installed on Windows 10 or 11 by following the instructions at Install WSL | Microsoft Docs

Note The minimum release version of Windows 10 is Version 2004, Build 19041. Earlier versions of Windows 10 provide WSL version 1 which is not a supported environment.

To install Rhino in the WSL environment:

The Rhino SDK should now be running. The Rhino Element Manager is directly accessible on http://localhost:8066/rem. To connect using the Rhino console or other command-line management and monitoring utilities start a new WSL terminal from a Windows command prompt by running the wsl command. In the new terminal cd to the directory of the newly installed Rhino to find the command-line management utilities. These are present in the client/bin subdirectory of the Rhino directory.

For further information on using the tools for general operation, administration and maintenance, see the Rhino Administration and Deployment Guide.

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