Below are instructions on stopping the Rhino SDK.


To stop the Rhino SDK, execute the shell script in the $RHINO_HOME folder. This script has the following options:

$ ./ --help

Usage: (--nice|--terminate|--kill|--restart)
    (Terminates the Rhino SDK.)
    --nice          - Performs a clean shutdown of the SDK via management commands.
    --terminate     - Terminates the SDK via management commands.
    --kill          - Kills the SDK's JVM via unix system commands (unix only).
    --restart       - Restart the SDK via management commands.

For example:

$ ./ --nice
Shutting down the Rhino SDK.
Stopping the SLEE.
Waiting for SLEE to enter STOPPED state.
SLEE is in the Stopped state on node(s) [101]
Shutdown complete.
Warning The --restart option is not currently supported if a user-defined namespace exists in Rhino with a SLEE state that is not INACTIVE.
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