The Rhino SDK configuration is stored in the config directory of the Rhino home directory. This contains configuration files for Rhino and JVM settings.

File Purpose

Basic Rhino configuration. The most common settings can be configured here


All JVM configuration arguments including Java system properties for configuring Rhino.

Tip To add classes to the system classpath, edit the line starting with
-Drhino.runtime.classpath in this file.

Log keys, levels and appenders. Configuration of tracers as used by Resource Adaptors and Services is managed separately with the Rhino management interface


Configuration of Rhino facilities such as the timer facility and monitoring statistics collection.


Default settings for access control, limiters, logging, persistence and SNMP. Not used after first boot.


Scripts for initialising the Rhino management database


Configuration for the embedded Jetty web server used by the embedded REM instance.


Security permissions for JMX MLets. Configure if custom access permissions for management are required. Usually this is only required in production Rhino deployments.


Database configuration for persistent storage of Rhino settings, profiles and JDBC data sources.


JAAS authentication settings. Configures how Rhino authenticates users of the management API and tools.


Java security policy for the Rhino starter. Usually this should not be changed.


Java security policy for the Rhino application server. Edit this if you are developing a service with native components or additional database drivers. In general services and resource adaptors should have security permissions set in their respective descriptor files.

Location of SSL keystores for JMX authentication


Configuration of Symmetric Activation for production Rhino clusters. Not functional in the Rhino SDK.

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