Check Hardware and Operating System Prerequisites

Rhino SDK requires a platform capable of running Oracle’s JDK for Java Standard Edition (SE) 8.

The system requirements for running Java can be found on

Install Java

Follow the instructions on for installing Java. Ensure you download and install the JDK not the JRE. The JRE does not contain all the tools needed to run Rhino.

Warning Check the Rhino Compatibility Guide to ensure Rhino 2.5.0 is supported on your version of Java.

Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable (Optional)

You can set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to your Java installation or you can specify the Java home directory the first time you start the Rhino SDK.

Configure Network Features

Before installing Rhino, ensure that:

  • the system has an IP address and is visible on the network.

  • the system can resolve localhost to the loopback interface, and that the host name of the machine resolves to an external IP address, not a loopback address.

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